Asia N. Ashley

Account Executive, Social Media & Digital Marketing Specialist

Asia N. Ashley, is a multimedia maven with special skills in graphic design, digital media campaign creation and social media marketing. Asia graduated from Oglethorpe University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications and a minor in Sociology.  She began her professional career in New York, interning for Blue Flame Agency, a Sean Combs Company where she worked on several ad campaigns for CIROC, Sean Jean and AquaHydrate. Fusing her passion for graphic design and social media, Asia created a business in which she provided digital marketing services to small companies and professional athletes.  At Goldstar, she primarily focuses on the Walgreens Expressions Challenge campaign. Her focus on connecting brands to their audience via online platforms has given Goldstar the opportunity to offer impressive strategies for online marketing.

In her spare time Asia enjoys DJ’ing and exploring Chicago’s extensive food culture.