Brand Engagement Fueled by Human Faith, Hope and Empowerment

Imagine being front and center as the main attraction of a powerful, turnkey marketing approach that goes deeper than grass roots. We’re talking about access to target consumers at their core.

Our LifePath™ marketing model allows brands to enjoy immediate “trust by association” by being served up as meaningful (and often long-awaited solutions) inside of mega churches, schools, and advocacy groups — channels that are typically hard to access, but are among the most powerful for authentic engagement. Inside of these programs, consumers are actively leaning in for information and personally interacting with our clients’ brands through a powerful combination of faith, hope and testimonial-driven story-telling. These programs are supported with fully customized 360° integrated marketing platforms, driving consumers to answer a clearly defined call-to-action that can be easily tracked and measured.

As a stand-alone tool or as a support to a larger marketing effort, this model forges new pathways toward brand growth and marketing results that traditional programs cannot achieve.