Who We Are

Our Focus

In our past lives, we’ve all moved the needle in many other high-performance product categories – from big box retailers, to big breweries, to big oil.

Now, we’ve made a strategic decision to exclusively channel our expertise into client programs that make meaningful and sustainable differences in the lives of their target consumers.
We’re still moving needles – now it’s just more personal and meaningful needles.


Our Reach

We’ve nourished a paramount proficiency for “reaching the unreached”. Our intense focus on the community level has allowed us to develop a keen insight for those who are neglected, predominantly among diverse and underserved populations.

While our heritage is immersed in the African-American market segment, both client and market demand has driven the expansion of our expertise into the mainstream market and many other growing segments such as the Hispanic, Latino youth, teen, women, and senior market segments.


Our Expertise

We provide our clients with untapped pathways to critical engagement points where decisions about health, well-being and “going green” are being formed. We offer clients access to places where traditional marketing cannot reach – at the very inner core of a consumer, a patient, a caretaker, or a community.